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  Production and laboratory facilities

Lactina Ltd. was created in year 2000. The office and production facilities of the company are located in the town of Bankya, in the viccinity of mountain Lulin, 10 km from Sofia. .

The major activities of the company are development, research and production of biologically active substances, starter cultures and other diary products.

Process for the production of starter cultures.

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Preparatory stage:

Restoration of dry substances and preparation of liquid nutrient medium for the development of microorganisms.

Production and laboratory facilities:

  • Automatеd fermentation system 3C provided with computer control and original software, France
  • Automated industrial freeze-dryers 4 pcs
  • Laboratory freeze-dryers 2 pcs
  • Packing machines 2 pcs
  • Stirring Granulator
  • Installation for physicochemical analyzes

Advanced-level equipment - physicochemical and microbiological laboratory for development of innovative products, nutrient environments and production control:

  • Microscope, Kruss, Germany
  • Microscope OLYMPUS CX31 supplied with digital scientific-grade camera ALTRA20, OLYMPUS
  • pH meter MP220 METTLER Toledo, Switzerland
  • Laboratory analytical balances METTLER Toledo, Switzerland
  • Lactoscan Milkanalyzer, Milkotronic Ltd., EU
  • Ultra-low temperature biological freezer Biofreezer, Forma scientific, USA
  • Ultra-low temperature biological freezer SANYO, Ultra Low, Japan
  • Spectrophotometer JENWAY 6300, UK
  • Laboratory drying-oven LABORBIO, Sofia
  • Distiller EK3004 LABDIST, Bulgaria
  • Biological incubators Binder, Germany
  • Laboratory bench FASTER Bio60, Burdinola, Italy

Our team is set up from scientists and specialists with excellent professional experience in the development and production of lyophilized probiotics and starter cultures.